Joe Lhota Uses Biker Attack Video In New Scare Campaign

New York City is descending into a bloodthirsty Mad Max post-apocalyptic hellhole where ruthless biker gangs terrorize innocent rich people. At least that's what Joe Lhota's new campaign ad implies, using video of the infamous Range Rover vs. biker attack.

Lhota's newest mayoral campaign ad (set to debut today, reports Politicker) has a simple message: Democratic rival Bill de Blasio is soft on crime. The focal point that the whole argument turns around is the terrifying biker vs SUV video, showing businessman Alexian Lien running over a biker then getting beaten in the street in front of his young family.


If de Blasio is elected, Lhota warns, this attack might not be an isolated incident, but the start of a downward slide into New York's 1970s shithole past. To quote the ad:

Bill de Blasio's recklessly dangerous agenda on crime, will take us back to this...

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Basically, we'll go back to a time when rent was cheap and graffiti was everywhere. Doesn't sound so bad, Joe.

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That 2nd picture is borderline racist and sexist. It's basically saying Black Evil Men will make helpless Old White Ladies live in fear.

The conclusion I come to is people like Joe Lhota perpetuate racist and sexist stereotypes. Only an ignorant idiot would vote for that guy.