Spitting Mom, Son In Women's Clothing Caught After High-Speed Chase

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Police in Ferndale, a Detroit suburb, arrested a woman who spit on medical workers trying to treat her for her injuries and her son, who was dressed in women's clothing, after leading a high-speed chase along 8 and 9 Mile roads.


Ferndale is one of those weird places that has a good rep because it has a great downtown and reasonable housing, but always attracts the kind of crime that you read in your local "Weird News" section. This is no different.

It all started when 50-year-old Latanya Tippet-Rhodes poured coffee on another woman in a fit of road rage. Isn't that how it always starts?

Tippet-Rhodes took off in her Chevrolet Cruze when cops arrived. Her son, 23-year-old Drake Rhodes, was also in the car. During the chase, Tippet-Rhodes slowed down — but not completely stopping — to let her son (dressed in women's clothing, mind you) out the car. He was then hit by a car, apprehended by authorities and turned over to another department on outstanding warrants.

The woman, who was driving at speeds of 80 mph, was eventually caught by police. While being treated for her injuries, she spit on personnel. Like her son, she also had outstanding warrants and now faces additional charges of fleeing police, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license.