Whitley, UK, 25 October 2013 – Land Rover Global Brand Ambassador and Polar explorer Ben Saunders and fellow adventurer Tarka L'Herpiniere will today set out from Scott's Hut, Antarctica on day one of their world record-breaking return journey from the edge of the continent to the South Pole and back.

At 1800 miles it will be the longest unsupported polar journey in history and first completion of Captain Scott's iconic ill-fated 1910-12 Terra Nova expedition.


Land Rover is a co-presenting partner of The Scott Expedition, which promises challenges that reflect the spirit of adventure, capability and rugged quality that are fundamental to Land Rover's brand and heritage.

Ben's Land Rover Discovery has played a vital part in assisting his training, which often takes place in hard to reach places in the UK, Europe and Greenland. Ben's preparation for the expedition also included the use of the Cold Climate Chamber at Jaguar Land Rover. The chamber is an integral part of the development of all Jaguar Land Rover Products.

Follow the Scott Expedition

The duo will be blogging daily at www.scottexpedition.com/blog and plan to share regular images and video (an expedition first) as well as copy across a host of social media channels while away:

For details on the build up to Ben and Tarka's departure please visit www.youtube.com/scottexpedition


Website (and blog) - www.scottexpedition.com/blog
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