This Is Why You Don't Do Burnouts In The Middle Of A Racetrack

Go to any amateur drift event and you'll see something like this: a driver spins on track and to save face, he or she does a fat burnout before getting underway again. This crash video should explain why that's a bad idea.


This three-car pileup in the haze of a wannabe-stock-car burnout was recorded at the 2013 World Time Attack Drift practice, which you think would have a more professional air than this shit show.

Moral of the story is if you put up a smokescreen in front of your car on a hot track, you're gonna have a bad time

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Little bit more to the story Raph, there were no flag marshals at the event which is a necessity for drift practice like this. There were also no marshals two years ago at the same event, a driver spun in the dark, car wouldn't start and the next came flying into him. The Rattla Falcon (wannabe stock car) was having idling problems from what I heard and had to keep foot on gas to stay moving and try to get out of the way of oncoming cars. Unfortunately when you have 600hp this means a lot of smoke. He shouldn't have been quite so heavy on the gas, the guys behind should have been more careful heading into a massive cloud of smoke (they are aware what a spin out/burnout smoke cloud looks like and what normal drifting smoke looks like) and the track/organizers needed marshals. Everyone is to blame.