Is The Mercedes CLA45 Like A Fancy German Mitsubishi Evo?

It has an insanely powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and a sophisticated dual-clutch transmission. You may think I'm talking about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR, but I'm not. I'm talking about the Mercedes CLA45 AMG.


Sure, the Mercedes is quite a bit more expensive than the Evo, and with 355 horsepower and 332-lb-ft of torque — making it the most powerful four-cylinder engine currently in production — it has quite a bit more grunt. But the AMG reminds Motor Trend's Carlos Lago of the Evo, especially in terms of its high-strung nature.

While it's powerful, and gorgeous, Lago finds that the car does understeer on power and lacks the kind of sophisticated all-wheel drive of some of its rivals. But in this test at the Hyundai Proving Grounds, he comes away thinking it's a legit AMG sedan.

Will it keep people away from the Audi S4 or even attract Evo buyers looking for something more upscale? Find out in the video.

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