This Ferrari-Engined French Quad Is Deeply Crazy And Pretty Stupid

I like to think there's an ideal owner for every vehicle. Here's what I think the ideal owner for the Wazuma V8F demands: snowmobile seating position, at least 250 HP of Italian power, capable of pants-shittingly terrifying speeds, and headlights from a 350Z. Oh, and it needs to be crazy expensive.

Hypothetical rich loon, are you in luck. The industrious French loons over at Lazareth have a new version of their staggered four-wheeler available for sale, the Wazuma V8F Matt Edition. It's named the "Matt Edition" either as a tribute to our esteemed editor Matt Hardigree, or possibly because of its non-shiny paint. Maybe both.


It's not really a car or a motorcycle, but rather some unholy union that combines the worst (or maybe best?) of both: four wheels like a car (though the rear pair's track is quite narrow, making it sort of like a trike in form), a drivetrain sourced from cars (250 HP 3L V8 from a Ferrari, BMW M3 6-speed sequential gearbox). That engine has been "The engine was modified to include two injection Yamaha R1 ramps," according to Google Translate, if that helps anyone make their purchase decision.

So while the guts are from cars, the layout is distinctly motorcycle inspired. Or, really, snowmobile/quad inspired, as the driver sits on top of the whole ungainly 1433 lbs of hot metal booming under your crotch, shifts with buttons on the handlebars (which are right over the intake trumpets), and enjoys as much weather protection as your average dragonfly.


The width and mass of this thing don't seem to suggest the ability to lean into a turn like a motorcycle, and that short wheelbase and odd track arrangement of the wheels is sure to make for some, um, amusing handling.

The regular, non-matte versions of these cost in the $250,000 ballpark, and are capable of nearly 200 MPH. Which makes me wonder just who the hell is buying these things? If you have over 200 grand to throw around, there's so many better ways to spend that money and have fun in a car. Maybe get an SLS AMG. A pair of F-Types. And you could throw in a T-Rex if you really wanted that almost-motorcycle goofball factor. Ten BRZs and start a racing club. Really, almost anything.


Still, for that one fabulously wealthy freak who can only mast an erection when he feels the thrum and heat of an Italian V8 between his thighs, coupled with the liberating feeling of riding on top of a 150+MPH flying desk, this is a very good day indeed.

I should add that Lazareth does make some very cool, if still bonkers, things as well. This V8 Mini Pickup and this crazy V8 Renault Twingo would be likely purchases for me in the alternate world where I'm loaded and have no one to talk me out of anything.


H/T Diesel!

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