What's Your Favorite Road Trip Game?

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Everyone likes road trips, right? Sure you do. The time in the car with your good pals, listening to them yammer on and on until you think you might drive right into traffic. But don't! Via the magic of Road Trip Games, you can turn them from 'people' into pawns for your own amusement. So what's your favorite Road Trip Game?


Personally, I think effective road trip games should require no more equipment than your own set of sensory, thinking, and noise-making organs, and ideally, should be able to involve everyone. I have a certain games I play with gearhead pals (Long-Distance Taillight Identification SuperChallenge, for example) but I have a different favorite for general public: Sinister Minister.

Ever heard of Sinister Minister? It's a word game, and surprisingly engaging. One player thinks of some rhyming, two-word phrase, then tells the others a clue that doesn't give away the actual words. For example, if my clue was "A female chicken's luxury car" the answer I'd be hoping for would be, say, "Hen's Benz."

Or maybe the clue would be "A mideval Spanish torturer who decides spark timing," and the answer would be "Inquisitor Distributor" or maybe "a cheese-based exhaust system" and I'd be looking for "Cheddar Header." They don't have to be automotive-related, of course, but I figured we're still a car site, so why not.

Whoever guesses the answer first then gets to think of the next one, and on and on it goes until you decide to drive into traffic for new reasons. It's fun!

So — what's your favorite road trip game?


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