Nissan To Show A BRZ Fighter Concept And Something More 'Crazy'

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It looks like we may be able to expect some cool stuff from Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show in November. A new report says they'll be showing off a sports car concept designed to battle the Subaru BRZ, and something a little more "crazy."


Crazy's good. I like crazy. I also like the idea of a Nissan that can take on the lightweight, rear-drive BRZ and its Scion/Toyota sister. The last time Nissan displayed a sports car concept, it was the 370Z-ish electric Esflow in 2011.

Britain's Whatcar reports that the BRZ fighter concept will be closer to a production car than the crazy one and derived from their history, but they stressed that it will not be a Z car. Silvia/240SX perhaps? Here's what they said:

The new concept is to be used to guage reaction, and if the design goes down well, Nissan is likely to build a production version. This production car would be likely to feature the 197bhp, 1.6-litre turbocharged engine from the Nissan Juke Nismo.

A little turbo engine in a small, rear-wheel drive sports car? Sure. That would be great. If you like it, you know, react well to it so Nissan builds it.

There were fewer details on the "crazy" sports car. This is purely a guess on my part, but maybe it will be some kind of new GT-R? We've heard that the Nismo GT-R, which can supposedly hit zero to 60 mph in a stunning two seconds, is also coming to the Tokyo show next month.


Either way, Nissan should have some excitement in store for enthusiasts when the Tokyo show rolls around. Always a good thing.


I see your BR-Z and raise you a Z.


  • - Carlos G