Halloween is tomorrow, and if you're like many of us, you know that there's no good reason why the joy of dressing up should be limited to flesh-and-blood people, certain unwitting pets, and women who always wanted to be cats. It should include cars as well. So what's the best costume for a car?

Now car costumes โ€” or, car-stumes (hyphen optional) are exactly what you think they are โ€” cars dressed up as something. This can be a car dressed up like some other object (think Weinermobile) or even another car (think those Fierarris or VW Beetles with Rolls-Royce kits.).

They can be temporary or designed from the ground up. We just want โ€” no, have a RIGHT โ€” to know what you think the best one is.

And don't forget to keep a supply of oil filters for any cars that come to your door tomorrow night.