Archer's Remake Of The Top Gun 'Danger Zone' Scene Is Total Perfection

Hey everyone, that's it. The Internet is over. Archer remade the video for Danger Zone from Top Gun. Yeah, let's all sign off now, there's no way to top it.


Ok, no, this isn't totally a car related video, but we do have a few of our favorite things. That includes Archer, which has some car obsessed people behind it, fighter jets, motorcycles, Kenny Loggins, and a sensual bedroom scene.

Basically, this is all you'll need to watch forever. Or it'll be 1:30 that you'll say was oversold and you don't get.

I'm going with the first one.

(Hat Tip to @joshpetri!)



Fun bit of trivia: the NATO designations for Eastern Bloc aircraft are always odd numbers. e.g. MiG-21, MiG-17, MiG-29. There is no such thing as a MiG-28, that was actually a Northrup F-5: