It's been a rough couple of weeks for the country. But you knew that anyway because it's all over the news, cars aren't being recalled and scores of federal workers aren't getting paid. Money just isn't flowing from the federal government right now, so did you really expect the Secret Service to graciously accept a parking ticket?

Spiegel "Reddit" McTumblr has a point. Paying a $127 parking ticket isn't the biggest bill out there:

Dear England,

We can't pay our bills domestically.

Do you think we're going to pay this one?


I just saw Suze Orman on the news the other night and she said if people start running out of money they need to prioritize their bills. When the Department of Homeland Security's budget runs low, the city of London's parking enforcement is going to get their money very late. No matter how convenient of an app exists.


Photo: Flickr/Gerry Lauzon