Little Girl Who Rode With Richard Hammond In A Pink Lambo Passed Away

Sad news out of England today, as Emilia, the little girl who got to ride with Richard Hammond in a pink Lamborghini as one of her last wishes, has passed away. Rest in peace.


Emilia's wish to ride around in a pink Lamborghini with Top Gear's Richard Hammond had to be one of the most unique requests that Rays of Sunshine, England's version of Make A Wish, had ever received. Full credit to them, as well as HR Owen and Richard Hammond for helping make her dream come true.

Emilia had an amazing spirit, and she's passed away for too young. But thanks to Rays of Sunshine, HR Owen, and Richard Hammond, her family will have memories of her that will last forever.

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Victorious Secret

Kids should never, ever have to go through this. Its why I love and also hate working at a childrens hospital. This is the last thing we need, and I work hard to make it the best experience, but at the same time I hate that we even need them. We shouldn't. For fucking kids...they should be enjoying their innocence and playing tag and watching awesome cartoons and just all the happy things in the world.