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Half-Assed Attempts To Buy The Packard Plant Are Still Happening

Illustration for article titled Half-Assed Attempts To Buy The Packard Plant Are Still Happening

If you're learning way more about property auctions than you ever needed to know by reading all of the recent Packard Plant news, you're not alone. After a Texas woman bailed on the wasteland, now its second-place bidder is having trouble paying up.


Bill Hults, who presented a plan earlier to revamp the site and entered into a tentative deal with Wayne County to purchase the property before it went to auction, is that second-place bidder. Today is his deadline. But just like before when he missed his first deadline, it's likely he'll miss his second, according to the Freep.



Hults was in second place to Jill Van Horn, who now returns to her quiet life in suburban Texas practicing medicine on humans for money. But before she disappeared into the night, she released a statement (error-free and not written under the apparent influence of opiates) to The Detroit News:


"We are serious about purchasing other properties in Detroit," Van Horn wrote. “All of this is being proposed in an effort to help revitalize a city that really needs it."

They say beggars can't be choosers but I think I speak for all of Detroit when I say nah.


There is a tiny, miniscule glimmer of hope, however. The third-place bidder is an actual, credible, proven, not-appearing-to-be-shady developer from Peru who has said he is ready and willing to take ownership of the plant. I hope this is resolved soon so I can write about something else finally that the city of Detroit can move forward.

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Maybe I'm in left field here - but couldn't they give it away to someone who promised to do something with it?