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Reliving The Pain Of Hurting The Car You Love

Illustration for article titled Reliving The Pain Of Hurting The Car You Love

Car accidents are bad, every one of them. Some are relatively small bumps, others are totally catastrophic. They all hurt.


Raphael rolled his dream car, a Baja Bug, and you should read all about his experience. Luckily, Raphael wasn't physically injured. But his beloved Bug was, and that's what often hurts the most in a car crash. And not everyone wants to talk about it again.


BlazinAce's Fiat Tipo had a near-death experience, and it sounds like it was a traumatic one:

I know that feel bro, trust me. Just a couple months ago, I was going a little too quick on a very rainy day, when the VW Fox in front of me jammed on the brakes and I hydroplaned when trying to do the same. I fucked up I know, but in my defense, Brazilian streets sprout small atlantic oceans every time it rains, and the damage was purely cosmetic, aside from the busted radiator.

I managed to limp back home (the day was so cold overheating was just not gonna happen) and, in time replaced the radiator and took it, with a fender, hood and front bumper on the trunk, to a body shop. I got a lot of looks that day, but fortunately, my car's back to how it was before.

I was gonna post pictures, but I deleted them all. The less I'm reminded of those days, the better.

Money can't replace some of our cars. Maybe they're worthless in the eyes of an insurance company, but we've invested something of ourselves in them. That's why in some crashes, even after making sure all of our human parts our fine, the worry isn't over when our dear friend is probably on its side.

Photo: Raphael Orlove

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Congratulations, Mr. BlazinAce, on COTD today! :D I would like to gift you with a something, something car which this lovely lady will bring to you as soon as she pulls her jeans up.