The Corvette Sting Ray Is For The Manliest Of Manly Men

A common thread in car commercials is not to display what you, the viewer, actually look like, but what you, the viewer, want to be like. So you are not a pudgy, pasty accountant, sitting on your couch. No. You are a tanned, handsome cowboy, exuding testosterone, who drives a Sting Ray.

In fairness, the 1965 Corvette was a bit of a hairy, muscular beast, with the potential for 425 horses on tap. This was a few years before the "Muscle Car" era peaked as well, so it's not like every teenage kid and their mom had enough power to start earthquakes.


Even still, that's not much of an excuse for using Pernell Roberts, of Bonanza fame, to hawk the 'Vette. Yes, despite the smarminess it's still incredibly awesome, but you can see who Ron Burgundy was channelling when he did the Dodge Durango ads:

It looks like it means business.

And it does.


Is my chest feeling furrier?

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