Will Gran Turismo 6 Make America Love Cars Again?

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Can Gran Turismo 6 Reignite America's Love Of The Automobile?Kill Screen


I think Gran Turismo is part of the reason why I'm such a big enthusiast today. Maybe it'll help.

In June, the New York Times published a news analysis proclaiming the death of American car culture, based on statistics that show Americans drive less, with fewer young drivers and more old ones. “Different things are converging which suggest that we are witnessing a long-term cultural shift,” said Mimi Sheller, a professor of sociology at Drexel University quoted in the article.

How European Fuel Economy Testing Will Kill The Naturally Aspirated EngineThe Truth About Cars


In the words of our own Raphael Orlove, this article is "so close to being perfect."

While Americans are still asking whether it’s even wise to buy small turbocharged engines instead of larger naturally aspirated ones, we in Europe are slowly losing our ability to even choose a car without a turbocharged engine. Volkswagen has recently announced that it is going turbo only – but in our market, the transition is nearly complete. Except for base engines in Polo supermini and Up! city car, basically everything else has a turbo slapped on it – and it looks much the same with other VAG brands. Others are following closely – Ford eliminated most of its naturally aspirated engines, except for the base 1.6 in Focus and small engines in Fiesta. Renault is coming with new tiny turbo plants to replace small four cylinder NA motors – and is even introducing them to its low-cost brand Dacia. PSA, Fiat, Opel and others are heading this direction as well.


New York Garage Has 40 Years Of Restoration, Service, And RacingPetrolicious

Who doesn't love a good garage story?

Briarcliff Classic & Imported Car Service is approaching its 40th anniversary and has never left its current location in Briarcliff Manor, New York, for that entire time period. Owner and founder Bob Millstein, an automotive enthusiast from a young age, sat down and spoke with Petrolicious about his legacy, BCI.


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