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Bentley's Arctic Driving School Is The Ultimate Rich Dude Vacation

Illustration for article titled Bentleys Arctic Driving School Is The Ultimate Rich Dude Vacation

I'm sure that lately, one question has been dogging you relentlessly: "What am I going to buy my favorite Jalopnik writer Patrick George for Christmas?" I know I can be tough to buy for, so I'll say that Bentley's ultra-posh "Power on Ice" driving school near the Arctic Circle would be a great start.


You're probably familiar with the performance driving schools run by automakers. It seems like just about everybody has one, where clients fly out to race tracks or exotic locations where experts teach them how to hoon the crap out of their cars. Guess what? Bentley's is better.


The luxury marque's Power on Ice school runs from February to March and is held in the far north of Finland, less then 40 miles from the edge of the Arctic Circle. There, you get to hang out with four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen as he teaches you how to drive the 616 horsepower, W12 Flying Spur and Continental GT in some of the harshest conditions on earth.

Illustration for article titled Bentleys Arctic Driving School Is The Ultimate Rich Dude Vacation

But this is Bentley, man! Did you think their driving school would just be freezing your ass off the whole time? No way, it's super nice. You also get flown by private jet from Helsinki to hang out at the chic Chalet Ruka Peak resort where you get to experience only the finest of fineries:

Away from the thrill of learning how to drive the Bentley of their choice at high-speed on ice, the four-day adventure in Finland offers guests the chance to unwind in the exclusive and luxurious surroundings of the Ruka Peak resort.

Situated just 60 km from the edge of the Arctic Circle, the resort offers a wide selection of hotel and private chalet accommodation options and the mountain resort is widely believed to offer some of the finest, unbroken views of Finland’s spectacular winter scenery. Open fires, saunas, first class local cuisine and flying to and from Helsinki by private jet help to complement the first class experience.


I want to go to there.

The price? Apparently about $13,600 for the premium package. So instead of buying that fancy new Nissan Versa Note you've had your eyes on, go do this instead. It's actually not a bad deal for all you get. And now you have a Christmas gift suggestion for me.


You're welcome, everyone.

More photos and info in the press release.

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With all the people on my list this year I was only able to afford a less expensive winter driving school for my favorite Jalop writers : Senile On Ice. The package inludes accomadations at an ultra-chic travelodge located only 4 miles from the center of Detroit. Each participant is taught by a local senior citizen on how to lock up the brakes at the first sign of ice, floor it in a crowded parking lot and jerk the wheel as soon as the rear of the car starts sliding. You are however required to provide your own 1980 Cadillac brougham for the course.