Right now there are slim pickings in the four-door Bentley department. That's about to change. Meet the stunning 2014 Bentley Flying Spur.

Based on the pretty damn good Bentley Continental GT, the Flying Spur adds a good bit of length to accomodate two more doors and comfortably seat more passengers.


The last generation Flying Spur was basically a stretched Continental GT, by which I mean it had the same front and rear with just a little more length. This Flying Spur goes a different direction.

And I have to say I think it's gorgeous. The larger headlights, slightly stacked trunk, and slim rear end all amount to a car that just oozes elegance. I have to say I think the rear end might be one of the most attractive of any car on the road today.

Kudos Bentley.

We don't have full details yet, but expect the Flying Spur to be powered by the same 567 horsepower W12 and 500 horsepower V8 power as in the Continental GT. Also expect a Speed variant to make an appearance sometime down the road.

We'll get a full look at the Flying Spur at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

UPDATE: Full details were just released. The Flying Spur will come with a 616 horsepower version of the W12 standard. The V8 might not make an appearance in the Spur, at least not at launch. All-wheel drive torque split is 60/40, but is also variable, up to 85 percent can go to the rear wheels. No pricing is out yet, but don't expect it to cheap.

Photo Credit: upcomingvehiclesx