'The Justy Is Expensive Looking By Bargain-Car Standards'

It's a bit of a shame that this review is from before the Subaru Justy's most notable feature, the first CVT to be sold in any numbers in America, came around, but that's okay because you at least get to see Motorweek's be-shaded car model shove some gloves in the glovebox. Just like God intended.


Also, at the very beginning, if you watch in the upper right of the background behind John Davis (if, somehow, you can pull your eyes away from John Davis), you can see what appears to be a Mercedes almost back off the top of a car carrier.

Also, I never realized how draggy the MotorWeek opening is, even if I love the early CG car models. Can that pan across that drawing be any slower? Oy.

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CPT Speedbump

"this video has been removed by the user" ?