Ken Block's Gymkhana Six Will Drop On November 11th, Might Have Lambos

Illustration for article titled Ken Blocks iGymkhana Six/i Will Drop On November 11th, Might Have Lambos

Kensington Lawrence Blockensteinman IV, Esq. is having a harder and harder time topping himself when it comes to his Gymkhana videos. So, for Gymkhana Six, Block is joining up with Need For Speed and a Lamborghini might be joining the party.


Electronic Arts and Need For Speed will be sponsoring Block throughout 2013 and will also play a large part in the release of Gymkhana Six, which is coming out on November 11th.

The promo shot shows Block with his traditional Ford Fiesta as well as an Aventador marked up like a cop car. Perhaps there's a high buck police chase in our future? Now I can't wait for 11/11.

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