Watch Ken Block Test His 845 HP AWD Mustang Naked (The Car, Not Ken)

Ken Block pulled off Gymkhana 7 with only one test in his AWD '65 Mustang before ripping the closed streets of LA. Here is that test, in full Mad Max, no doors spec. » 3/04/15 10:20pm 3/04/15 10:20pm

Can You Do Gymkhana In A V12 Mercedes?

A V12 Mercedes Benz is good for lots of things: impressing your heroin dealer coworkers, impressing your protection industry coworkers, or even impressing your World Bank coworkers. But what about gymkhana? » 2/23/15 1:00pm 2/23/15 1:00pm

Watch Ken Block Hoon A Ford Focus RS Prototype Through Its Own Factory

Before new cars are released, manufacturers often give prototypes to their established factory drivers, if for nothing more than a little fine-tuning. In Gymkhana master Ken Block's case, Ford gave him a brand new 2016 Ford Focus RS prototype, just so he could drive it like a nut through the company's own factory. » 2/03/15 4:03pm 2/03/15 4:03pm

Bringing Automotive Media to Okinawa

The Ryukyu Kingdom, a chain of islands south of the main island of Japan, is better known today as Okinawa. Today, it serves as a beautiful vacation destination for people of Japan and international travelers alike. However, along with the beauty and serenity of its white, sandy, beaches and crystal blue water, it is… » 1/10/15 5:45pm 1/10/15 5:45pm

​How To Hustle 600 Pounds Of Hayabusa Through A Gymkhana

Yes, we love light bikes. They're more maneuverable, easier to park, and just feel more alive. But a gifted rider can make even the portliest pig dance, or in this case, a 197-HP Suzuki Hayabusa that comes in at a wet weight of 592 pounds. Skills, this guy has them. » 12/29/14 6:19pm 12/29/14 6:19pm

Snowkhana 3: A Festival Of Minions, Ninja Turtles And Tiny Powerslides

New York's hottest club is Ford's Snowkhana 3. This place has everything: A miniature Ken Block, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a Despicable Me minion, Buzz Lightyear doing splits between two semi trucks, and powerslides. » 12/05/14 2:00pm 12/05/14 2:00pm

​Chris Harris Goes Under The Skin Of Ken Block's 845HP Hoonicorn

What's it take to build an 845 hp AWD Gymkhana 7 car out of a '65 Mustang? Watch Chris Harris try and wrap his head around the process. » 12/03/14 12:42pm 12/03/14 12:42pm

Autotests Are Britain's Crazy Autocrosses On Steroids

There's something about the beautiful sound of a Mark 1 Ford Escort Estate wailing through sweet screeching slides and graceful doughnuts around a parking lot. This isn't your typical afternoon of cone-dodging, however. It's a crazy obstacle course the Brits call an autotest. » 12/01/14 8:20pm 12/01/14 8:20pm

This Kid Is The Best In The World At Desk Drifting

Sure, we were all pretty impressed with what Ken Block was doing with that bonkers Mustang in Gymkhana 7, but Block had some pretty big help there: most significantly, he was in a car, not a school desk. This kid here doesn't need some "car" with its "motor" and "wheels." Just a desk, some obstacles, and a pair of… » 12/02/14 11:46am 12/02/14 11:46am

Ken Box 2 Is The Ultimate Crazy Cart Gymkhana

The legendary Ken Box is back, but how can he set up the ultimate Crazy Cart course when irate gorilla security guards are always trying to shut him down? » 11/26/14 9:48am 11/26/14 9:48am

Ten Places Where Ken Block Should Film Gymkhana 8

Alright Kenneth H. Blockenspiel, you've hooned LA and that was great, but now you've gotta start plotting your next move. Here are ten places we think you should film Gymkhana 8. » 11/18/14 11:00am 11/18/14 11:00am

The One Dark Moment In Ken Block's Gymkhana 7

Kensington H. Blockenheimer's Gymkhana 7, more than any Gymkhana in a long time, had a sense of humor. Only once did things get dark. Real dark. » 11/17/14 1:25pm 11/17/14 1:25pm

Gymkhana 7: Ken Block Takes Over LA With An 845 HP AWD Mustang

Take one mad shoe-magnate-turned-auto-racer. Add an 845 horsepower all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang. Call it the Hoonicorn. Sprinkle in a touch of insanity and a humongous heaping of tire smoke. This is Gymkhana 7. » 11/17/14 10:10am 11/17/14 10:10am

Watch As Ken Block Scares The Shit Out Of Chris Harris In Two Minutes

Here's what happens when part-time Jalopnik columnist Chris Harris meets full-time lunatic Ken Block and takes a ride in his fully-built, nightmare-fueled racecar, dubbed the "Hoonicorn" before the premiere of Gymkhana Seven tomorrow. » 11/16/14 12:00pm 11/16/14 12:00pm

Ken Block's Gymkhana 7 Car Is A Monstrous 845 HP AWD 1965 Ford Mustang

Take a 1965 Ford Mustang, Add a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8. Add a six-speed transmission. Add all-wheel drive. Add paint and bodywork that make it downright terrifying to look at. You get The Hoonicorn, Ken Block's ride of choice for the seventh installation of his Gymkhana insanity-fest. » 11/04/14 12:15pm 11/04/14 12:15pm

How To Drive Like A Badass

That Ken Block makes it look so easy, doesn't he? All that sliding and spinning and smoke. It comes off as effortless in his crazy Gymkhana videos. But it's not even remotely that easy. » 10/09/14 7:00pm 10/09/14 7:00pm

Ken Block Spotted Filming Gymkhana 7 In Some Psychotic 1960s Mustang

Every time I watch one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos, I do so with one question on my mind: "How is he gonna top that for next time?" And it looks like for Gymkhana 7, the answer is gonna be with hot, nasty, badass American muscle. » 10/06/14 1:56pm 10/06/14 1:56pm

Watch This Awesome Zero-Budget Skoda Rally Gymkhana Vid

Who says you need a super-powerful AWD monster and a bunch of high-budget explosions to make a good Gymkhana video? This guy ripped it in an old Škoda. » 9/24/14 1:00pm 9/24/14 1:00pm