Meet Ken Block's 914-HP Hoonitruck

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When we last left off with Ken Block and his next Gymkhana film, we didn’t know much about it, except that there would be a series of episodes on Amazon Prime of behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming GymkhanaTEN. The Hoonitruck, unveiled today, will be the official hoon tool and it’s as badass as they come.


The team took a 1977 Ford F-150 and gave it a rally-based all-wheel drive system, side-exit exhaust tips, a massive wing, a 3D-printed aluminum intake manifold and the 3.5-liter twin-turbo Ford EcoBoost V6 engine—based on the same one that the Ford GT used to win Le Mans—that makes 914 horsepower.

Block went for this particular donor truck because he grew up in a Ford family and actually learned to drive in a 1977 F-150. He’s really drawn to its ‘70s aesthetic, so it’s nice that cars from that era are finally getting their day in the sun. When he needed to build a new Gymkhana car, the choice was obvious. Unsurprisingly, the truck is heavier than the Hoonicorn, so driving it took some getting used to.

As we’ve previously reported, the first two episodes of The Gymkhana Files will premier on Friday, Nov. 16, with two episodes coming out each Friday after that until the eighth and last episode—GymkhanaTEN—airs on Dec. 7. For those of us without Prime, Ten will be out on YouTube on Dec. 17.

Guys, I am losing my shit over this truck. It’s freaking awesome and you should take a look at the video. If anything, it’s pure truck porn. I can’t wait to see how much tire smoke it makes.

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At this point, Ford should just let Ken Block and the Hoonigans consult on some Ford Performance consumer vehicles.

If they can turn a 70's farm truck into a rally car, they can build out a Ford Edge RS that doesn’t suck.