Gymkhana 10: Watch Ken Block Shred Tires Around the World

Gif: The Hoonigans (YouTube)

It’s been more than two years since Gymkhana Nine, if seeing people you’ve known since they were kids graduating college this month wasn’t making you feel old enough. Gymkhana 10 is here, though, to distract you from that reality for a full 19 minutes of tire shredding in five of Ken Block’s best cars.


You might have already seen Gymkhana 10, since it came out on Amazon Prime for 10 days before this along with the Gymkhana Files documentary. But now it’s out in the world for the rest of us to watch, for free, on YouTube.

Gymkhana 10 is all about five of Block’s best cars in vastly different locations, with the Hoonigan crew taking the Climbkhana 1965 Hoonicorn V2 Ford Mustang, Block’s 2018 World Rally Championship Ford Fiesta, the 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the Ford Focus RS RX from Gymkhana Nine, and the new 914-horsepower 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck out for a spin. Block takes the cars on ice, city streets, desert roads and everywhere else you can think of, because this is all part of the Gymkhana series and Gymkhana does things big.

The Gymkhana series also does things extremely well, and Gymkhana 10 is no exception—from the locations to the stunts. The newest Gymkhana is called the “Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour,” but Block even drives the Escort without any tires at all at one point, creating enough sparks to start a bonfire.

Gymkhana day is always a good day, and Gymkhana day, version 10, is here. Enjoy all 19 minutes of it, and then maybe enjoy it once more.

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