What Motorsport Do You Wish More People Knew About?

Now's your chance to tell the world about Segway drag racing.

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This past weekend was a big one for racing. Formula 1, Indycar, Le Mans, NASCAR, and Formula DRIFT, all packed into two days? How is any one person supposed to keep up with everything? Well, if you’re me, the answer is simple: You only watch Formula DRIFT, because you prefer the forms of motorsport that are just a little bit weird. But as I laid Covid-stricken on my couch, watching a genuinely fascinating round of FD, I wondered: What other motorsports am I missing out on?

Today, we’re talking about motorsports that people may not really know, but absolutely should. The weird ones, the small sports just gaining traction, the racing leagues full of cool cars and interesting characters that haven’t yet broken through to the mainstream. What should we all be watching?

I’d be willing to bet that most of you are missing out on a very interesting motorsport slash automotive subculture: Dajibans. Regular old Dodge vans, stripped out and modified for track use, sent around tracks either on the Ideal Racing Line or in smoky slides as the driver sees fit. Dajibans rule.


Even those, however, are fairly mainstream in the greater world of motorsport. Today, is all about the really niche forms of racing, the things that no one besides you knows about. This is your grandstand, your elevator in which to pitch the rest of us on getting way too into something new. Use it wisely.

Are you a huge fan of tractor racing? Arctic snowmobile gymkhana? Costume contest road rally scavenger hunts? What’s the motorsport that you’ve tried to describe to a coworker, only for them to say “That sounds... neat” and quickly retreat to their cubicle? We won’t dismiss you so quickly. In fact, we’ll collect our favorite answers tomorrow afternoon, so everyone can pick up on a new obsession.