The Cadillac ELR Will Cost $75,995, I.E. As Much As A Tesla Model S

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The Cadillac ELR and Chevy Volt share the same underpinnings. The Chevy Volt, which isn't selling super fantastically, starts at $34,185. The ELR, when it hits dealers in January, will start at $75,995. Jeepers.

Cadillac seems to be hoping that the tech and style of the ELR will bring people in to the dealers since it is their techiest offering and, I guess, their only Tesla rival. And tax credits can possibly get the price down to $68,495.


The issue is that, at that price range, the person better really want a Cadillac. If they're in the electric vehicle market at that price range, then the Model S is what they want. And even though this is an extended range electric vehicle, Cadillac says that it's an electric car.

The ELR has a theoretical total range of 300 miles with gas and electric factored in. The Tesla 85kW, which costs $73,570, has a 265 mile range. And charging for Teslas is now super fast.


I'm not a detective, but I think I see an issue here. Hopefully, Cadillac knows something that I don't. The ELR is gorgeous, but that might not be enough.