I really like the Chevy Volt. I really like the Cadillac ATS. I've tried to force them to mate on my own, but the results have been quite lackluster.

That's why I'm happy that General Motors took it into their own hand and created the Cadillac ELR, probably so I'd stop destroying their press cars.

The ELR was previewed by the Converj concept of a few years ago and there have been a few changes. The super narrow headlights have been replaced with wider units while the exaggerated taillights seem to carry over.

I actually think those changes make the ELR looks better than the Converj.

The powertrain is based on the Volt architecture, so that means you have a battery good for about 40 miles and a gasoline range extender. That means a 300 mile point-to-point journey will happen before all the moving juice is depleted.


It has LED headlamps, 20-inch wheels, the CUE entertainment system, and that gorgeous body. I'm a fan.

Another cool feature is driver selectable regenerative braking. It has paddle shifters that then act to select different levels of rengerativie braking. It's like downshifting!


The ELR will go into production at the end of 2013. In exchange for many dollars, you'll be able to purchase one.