The New Honda NSX Is Hot Enough To Make Tea

We always like to talk about a car being awesome or amazing or even "the hottest," but so far we haven't come up with a good way to use all that heat. Lucky for us, Honda figured out that you could just use its new sports car, which will be debuting here as the 2015 Acura NSX, to make tea. A lot of tea.


Specifically, this looks like the racing version of the car, the NSX Concept-GT. It's incredibly loud, just like a race car should be, and it throws off a lot of energy. Enough energy, in fact, to boil over 20 kettles of tea. Like I said, a lot of tea.

The sequential nature of the ad and the kettles beginning to slowly light up reminds me a lot of another famous Honda ad, Cog, which showed a Euro-market Honda Accord being turned into nothing but a giant Rube Goldberg machine:

The NSX Concept-GT's turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces about 500 horsepower, with another 50 thrown in just for good measure by the hybrid system. Usually I like to use at least 600 horses when I'm making tea, but I think I'll give Honda a pass on this one.

Oh, and in case you thought that this was just a bit of trickery with a fake car thrown in there and computer-generated engine noise, the NSX Concept-GT is very much the real deal, as you can see it here pounding around the track:


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