The Honda S2000 Will Make You A Selfish, Initial D Obsessed Cop Magnet

It looks like our deranged friend at Regular Car Reviews is back, and this time he's got his hands on a 2003 Honda S2000. Learn how it will ruin your relationship, make you obsessed with Initial D, and make you buy a Red XIII sex costume. Wait, what?


Between this and his equally insane Mazda Miata review, it's pretty clear our friend is a fan of sports cars. Here he attempts to dispel some of the common myths about the S2000, like how it's banned in Canada and how you have to get a special license for one... at the courthouse.

But while its driver-centered ergonomics will make you a selfish asshole, you'll have a great time taking yours all the way up to 9 million RPMs or whatever its redline really is. And the best part? You'll make Miata owners shut up for a few minutes. You can't put a price tag on something like that.

Hat tip to Snapundersteer Italianspiderman!

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