How do you spell "perfection?" The correct spelling is "M-a-z-d-a M-i-a-t-a." All other answers are w-r-o-n-g. In the latest installment from our zany friend at Regular Car Reviews, we find out why it's so great.


The Miata filled a niche that was empty since the demise of the British sports car: An affordable, two seat roadster that could bring people smiles on the weekends.


But without even saying, this video strikes a chord about the Miata. A chord that cannot be ignored. People are tired of hearing how great the Miata is all the time. It's always at the top of tests, and annoying auto journalists like me recommend it to people as a car to buy regardless of what their stated needs are.

But can you blame me? It's the best.

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I like the original more.