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Detroit's Probable Next Mayor Has A Speeding Problem

Illustration for article titled Detroits Probable Next Mayor Has A Speeding Problem

I don't know about the rest of Detroit, but I'm ready for the world's most boring and predictable mayoral race to be over with. So here's a Jalopnik-friendly tidbit I hope you'll enjoy.


We don't do endorsements at Jalopnik Detroit but I called a victory for Mike Duggan when he staged an epic write-in campaign a few months back. (Get ready to read and hear the four-word sequence "first white mayor since" in Detroit media a zillion times next Thursday!) Duggan has the funding and the likeability, he didn't cancel on Craig Fahle at the last minute or choose a so-so deputy mayor and I see more of his signs than his opponent, Benny Napoleon. So let's just get that out the way.


Anyway, the Detroit Free Press did some digging and found out that Duggan has quite the lead foot. He's gotten 10 speeding tickets in five years in Detroit, Highland Park, Oak Park and Beulah. Also, there's a city in Michigan called Beulah.

Out-of-town readers also can learn about our fantastic driver's responsibility fee in Michigan and how anyone can be affected by it:

Duggan’s last ticket pushed the number of points on his driver’s license to seven, triggering an automatic $100 driver responsibility fee for having too many.

Each additional point above seven triggers another $50 in fees, but if Duggan slows down and doesn’t get any more points by next April, he won’t have to pay additional fees, Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said.

Before becoming Wayne County executive, Duggan had 10 more speeding tickets over the course of the 1990s. But on the bright side, speeding is the only traffic violation he's been guilty of.

As for Napoleon, who's currently Wayne County Sheriff, he's been chauffeured everywhere, which makes me wonder just how much tax money is used to drive around someone who should be driving around on his own in the first place.

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