Local Motors Is Building A Rally Fighter With A Crazy 600 Horsepower

Here are some words that no one has ever used to describe a Local Motors Rally Fighter: "boring." "Pedestrian." "Yawn." And to make sure it stays that way , Local Motors has decided to stuff a supercharger under the already souped-up hood, so now your desert racer can be propelled by 600 ponies.

I personally think the Rally Fighter is one of the most gorgeous cars ever styled, and while it certainly wasn't lacking in power before, an extra couple of horses never hurts. Now it's just that much closer to your very own street-legal baja racer, and it may just be the most awesome vehicle a person could realistically buy right now. Here's a video of the team at Local Motors starting up the new supercharged beast for the first time:

If you don't like that sound, then you have no soul.

Photo credit: Siemens PLM Software


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