Can You Make A Jack-O-Lantern Out Of Your Favorite Car Logo?

The Fiat 500 Abarth's ultra-loud exhaust note, brisk acceleration and pint size make the car exceedingly good at scaring the crap out of your passengers. Since today is Halloween, the holiday devoted to terror, an Abarth jack-o-lantern seems appropriate — but you can do it with just about any logo.


Fiat's website has instructions has instructions on how to cut your own Abarth "Jack-Yo-Lantern," which should be ideal for showing all the little trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood that you're serious about raucous Italian city cars that think they're Ferraris.

These instructions tell you not to cut all the way through, but to just carve the skin off the pumpkin. Obviously, this doesn't just work for the Abarth logo. You can carve in any car company's logo as long as you have a black-and-white version to stencil with.

Here's a few of our favorites below. Are you making any car company jack-o-lanterns this Halloween? If you do, show us some pics in the comments!


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