For those of you stuck with a ride that doesn't sound anything like a purebred sports car, London-based RjDj is about to release an app that will give those of you with dreary sounding four-pots the thrill of listening to the engine sounds from something more audibly pleasing.

According to the company, Vroom! The Car App is more than just a paid app that makes noises mimicking stuff like a 12-cylinder Ferrari. They say it detects when you accelerate or take a corner or hit a bump to adapt the noise accordingly. Actually, its creators say it's ideal for "everyone who has a Fiat but wants a Ferrari," so everyone who just bought a base Fiat 500 but didn't have the cash for an Abarth are now in luck.


In the video released by RjDj, some kids are convinced this guy's old VW Polo is as much of a Ferrari as his red hat is.

The app goes on sale Thursday in the Apple appstore, and RjDj says a version for Android is on its way. While this is the worst kind of autoposeurism, we can't wait to try it out in some cars that are audibly challenged.

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