What you see here is a Toyota 2000GT getting fixed up in a Japanese shed.

The image was taken from a bus between Yokohoma and Haneda Airport and sent to Cink, Gawker Media's Hungarian-language news a gossip blog.


Chassis number MF10-10073 looked like this in 1992, and is sure worth a hell of a lot more today. While the garage might not look fancy enough for such a rare classic, a massive billboard above depicting the car is proof that they know what they're dealing with.

Our local man had this to say:

The place was full of cool modern Japanese and foreign sports cars, while this shed was at the back with this single car, getting fixed by a Japanese guy wearing the full protective set, including a hat with a neck shade.


Give me this and an LFA, than leave me alone.

Photo credit: Miklós Tallián

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