Did This Guy Get Punched For Daring To Pass A Chinese Party Boss?

What happens when you pass a gloss black luxury sedan in China? It turns out you just passed a party official, and things aren't going to go well.

Black sedans (usually Audis in the richer districts, but in this case a Honda Accord/Acura TSX) are the well-recognized rides of local party officials, or cadres, in China. A lot of government power (and bribery) is delegated to the local level in the People's Republic these days.


This driver does not watch out and tries to pass this cadre, only to get boxed in by his group of vehicles. The poster on LiveLeak claims that you can hear the guy getting punched for daring to attempt this overtake. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Moral of the story: watch out for black cars in China, lest you get yourself beaten up with no recourse whatsoever.

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