Truck Carrying Ten Smaller Trucks Nearly Falls Off Chinese Bridge

A truck hauling 1o smaller trucks averted a trucksaster (is trucksaster too much?) in China recently after it came dangerously close to falling off a bridge and into a deep ravine.

Our pal Tycho at Car News China has the scoop on an accident near the city of Kaili in Guizhou Province. He reports that the lead truck slipped on the wet road and collided with the bridge, hanging precariously until a crane came to the rescue.


Fortunately, the trucks were all lifted back onto the roadway and none fell into the ravine. The bad news is that the driver and his passenger were not so lucky; both were injured and taken to an area hospital.

But as you can see from these photos, it could have ended a lot worse than it did.

Photos via Chexun/Car News China

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