Watch This E30 BMW Pretend It's Rocky

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One of the most famous scenes in Rocky is when Sylvester Stallone runs up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This BMW E30 3-Series apparently wants to prove it also has the eye of the tiger.


This scene occurred at the Art Museum around midnight last night. What witnesses say happened is that the driver of the BMW didn't put on his parking brake, and the car started to roll. He was able to get into it and stop it, but the only way out was going down the stairs.

The video shows the car going slowly down the stairs, at first forward and then backwards to not damage the lip. There's also a ton of cheering for the driver going down the stairs, shouting, and at the end a nice job making the car bounce of the rev limiter to show that everything is obviously a-ok.


Philly police are not pleased about this, and are looking at security footage to see if they can find the rogue Rocky E30.

Please play this video and then click to start the one below. Your viewing experience will be very enhanced.

Hat Tip to Peter!

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Was anyone injured? No. Was public property destroyed? No. What is the purpose of the police wasting time finding this person, when nothing significant happened?