Illustration for article titled Little Alfa Romeo 4C Sets A Seriously Impressive Nurburgring Time

The Porsche 918 Spyder went around the 'Ring in 6:57. Compared to that, the Alfa Romeo 4C's 8:04 lap is about a week long. But that isn't really the case.


Porsche's 918 is an ultramegasuperOMGcar with a price tag of nearly $1 million. It has to be that fast, because anything slower is a disappointment. The Alfa 4C is a $54,000 sports car. It competes with the more powerful and expensive Porsche Cayman S, which set a lap time of 7:55.

8:04 puts it in the same realm as the E92 BMW M3 and Jaguar XKR-S. That's seriously impressive for a little lightweight car with a little 1750 cc engine taking on the big boys.


Supermodel good looks and speed. Way to go Alfa, you didn't build Anna Kournikova.

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