Who's The Douchiest Supercar Driver Ever Caught On Video?

Transcontinental record holder Alex Roy once told me that driving a supercar is like driving around with two chandeliers sticking out of your hood — everyone is watching, and they are ready to shame you for even the smallest screw up.

Even the smallest douche moves from supercar drivers seem like colossal outrages when there's a Ferrari or Lamborghini badge up front.


Take, for instance, this video of the recently-wrecked NYC Ferrari F50 weaving through Manhattan traffic. If the shirtless driver was behind the wheel of a Honda Civic, nobody would really care. Since the guy is in a $528,000 V12 supercar, though, the guy becomes a raging asshat.

With that in mind, what's the greatest instance of supercar asshattery that you've ever seen?

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