The Aeromobil 2.5 Is The Flying Car You've Always Wanted

For those of you who still think we should have flying cars in the 21st Century, your demands have been met by this thing from Slovakia.

This is the Aeromobil 2.5, a prototype of the third-generation flying car from this company, and it actually works! Apparently. But as you see in the video, the Aeromobil is perfectly capable of handling situations like parallel parking and driving in town. Unlike a normal small car, though, it can also fly.


It has a claimed top speed of 124 mph in flight, and in excess of 100 when driving. It seats two, in possible comfort. The wings are collapsable to aid in maneuvering when driving, but it's still almost 20 feet long.

And you can't actually buy one yet, as it's just the latest version of a vehicle Aeromobil has been working on for more than 20 years. But it's proof that the car/plane hybrid could be just around the corner for all you crazy futuristic people.


Photos: Aeromobil

Hat tip to WUSA9!

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