With The Wind In Your Face

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Maranello, 9 October – The study of aerodynamics isn’t just used to find solutions to improve the performance of a Formula 1 car, but also to help go quicker on snow. We aren’t talking here about the FF, the first Ferrari with four-wheel-drive, but the skiers from Italy’s World Cup team, who have been spending time at Maranello for a series of tests in the wind tunnel. This is part of a collaboration agreement between the Maranello company and the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) and under the auspices of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

Men and women from the team led by Claudio Ravetto underwent a series of individual tests at speeds ranging from 90 to 110 km/h, aimed both at optimising the skier’s position and to check the efficiency of the materials used for everything from the gloves to the ski poles and other components. “Thanks to our partners we have the chance to try out new prototypes which could lead to improvements in the future, both in terms of safety and efficiency,” said Ravetto. “I would like to thank Ferrari for hosting us and collaborating with us, as well as CONI and FISI who have supported this partnership.”

After so much wind in their faces, the group of skiers had the chance to sample the thrill of speed on board a 458 Italia on the Fiorano track: a nice way to finish a hard day’s work.


Source: Ferrari