What's The Prettiest Old Truck?

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Old trucks aren't supposed to be a loveable bunch. They were usually built for nothing but utility, and at the end of their lives they tend to be a bit used up. Some of them though are just so goddamn pretty. And as they're suddenly now a good investment, which one looks the best?


Nothing can beat an old Bronco to me, though an International Scout does come damn close. The Bronco comes in two particularly delicious flavors — no, "OJ" is not one of them — both with their own awesome little touches. The first generation, made from 1966-1977 featured models like the halfcab, roadster, and sport, which allowed you to chuck the roof to create the ultimate beach cruiser. And the third generation, well, that was nothing but pure, grade-A, 100% American beef:

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And you know there's no greater kind than that. Although I hear Argentinian is pretty good. And let's be honest nothing can really beat Wagyu. And if we're talking about cattle from around the world, I once had an amazing steak tartare in a French restaurant. So yeah, after Argentina, Japan, and this French restaurant I went to this one time, no greater kind than that.

So what do you think is the prettiest old truck? Something that makes your heart sing, makes you yearn for it? Sure, the performance will be crap, but that's not why you buy it.

Photo credit: John Lloyd/Ford

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