Further Proof That People In Los Angeles Have No Clue How To Drive

It's happened to all of us. You pull up to a red light, look both ways, see nobody, and start to drive through the intersection. Then you realize it's a light and you stop going. Or, if you're in LA, about a dozen of you just run the light.


This dash cam shows a driver pull up to a red light where a number of cars are stopped. Ok, normal.

Then one car takes off to his right, and, like a legion of brainwashed followers, the other cars at the light just take off, all of them running the red light.


What the hell? Just because one person does something doesn't mean you need to too. Are all of these people at this stop light that stupid?

Yes. Apparently they are.

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Having fairly recently moved back to LA after 30 years in Texas, what bothers me most about the drivers out here is how slow they drive. Even in perfect conditions on the freeway, you're lucky if traffic is moving at 70 mph. Not because of traffic, but because people seem happy to drive that slow on the Interstate out here. On surface streets marked 45 mph, people seem perfectly content to go 35. In Texas, that same road would be marked at 35 and everyone would be going 50 on it. There are also a lot of people who suck at merging into freeway traffic here. They're fine with going 40 mph entering the freeway, and don't give a damn about how difficult it makes for people behind them to merge safely.

Then again, we don't have nearly as many aggressively tailgating truck- and SUV-driving jerks out here, so I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.