Wild Boar Attacks Cars In Most Russian Dash Cam Ever

Russian dash cam videos tend to be terrifying, horrible experiences, but usually they come from highways near the cities. What happens when you stick a dash cam out in the Russian country side? Wild boar attacks and crazed villagers, of course.


Fair warning: those that have an enduring connection to animals and don't like them being killed or engaging in fights with random peasants probably shouldn't watch this. All those who enjoy bacon and serfdom probably should.

It starts with the sounds of screaming and gnashing of teeth in what must be the Ozarks of Russia, with horns honking and desperate cries. Two cars (thankfully, neither one a VW Golf) pull off to the side of the road, where it looks as if one person is already on the ground getting roughed up by its porcine enemy. It looks like he may have been dumped out of the car as a decoy by the other passengers, because Russia, though it's not immediately clear. The passenger in the front seat desperately tries to open his door, hoping that he can glare the boar to death, before instantly deciding that that is indeed a very bad idea.

Finally, a hero in a black leather jacket (what else) grabs one of the many porcelain sinks that dot the Russian land and victoriously smashes it upon the boar's head.

This does nothing.

The car we're watching from tries to run the boar over, but it looks like it escaped just in the nick of time. "Go boar, go!" you shout. Cue more screaming as the villagers run away, but the boar seems to get a second wind and chases a guy in a fetching windbreaker.


Our leather-bejacketted hero emerges once more, and finally plonks the boar on the head with the random sink, putting it down for the count. Poor boar.

Finally, it's run over, and the fearsome beast is vanquished.

Anybody want bacon?



What. The. Fuck.