A Chrysler TC By Maserati Is Only Worth A Couple iPhones These Days

Long before Fiat took the reins at Chrysler, the Chrysler TC by Maserati was a shining example of Italo-American industrial cooperation. Easily the finest luxury car of its time — perhaps even the entire 20th century — it is now only worth a couple of iPhones, according to one Craigslist post.


Most of that was a joke. And so was the TC by Maserati, essentially a K-Car built in Italy for some reason and then shipped over to the U.S. so it could be sold to Americans for what would cost about $62,000 in today's money.

But this Craigslist user in Philadelphia wants to give you his 1989 TC for considerably less than that — just a pair of iPhones or a Samsung Galaxy S4. Or $3,000 cash, which ever comes first.

The car needs a bit of work, but for a couple smartphones it's not an entirely terrible deal. Here's what he wrote:

I will trade this 1989 Maserati TC convertible for a iphone 4 4s 5 5s 5c and galaxy S4. obviously you'll need to trade more then 1 of those phones or add cash if you only have 1 phone.

It comes with a hard top that has port hole windows and a soft top underneath. The car has the original cherry red paint with tan interior made out of hand stich Italian leather. The car has always been serviced and I have receipts for over $2000 on regular maintance like brakes, rotors, ball joints etc. I had a Pioneer touchscreen DoubleDin CD DVD player installed that has Bluetooth, mp3 player, sd card reader, USB and aux outlets, backup camera and navigation. Also new Pioneer speakers installed. The stereo cost $1500. New Xenon HD LED headlights were installed, they cost $200. It also has brand new Faulkner tires I paid $1000 for. Brand new battery is installed.

The car has normal wear outside with some of the clear coat on the driver side fading. Chrome looks good. The driver seat has small tear and some normal wear inside. The car is running but has a blown head.


Got a few iPhones you're tired of? Dreaming of Maserati ownership? A road trip to Philly might be in order.


Update: And it's been flagged for removal. Lame.

Hat tip to Bo!

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