Watch This Camaro Z28 vs. ZL1 vs. Corvette ZR1 Nürburgring Lap Battle

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Thanks to the power of YouTube Multiplier, you can watch what a Nürburgring battle between the new Camaro Z28, the Camaro ZL1, and the Corvette ZR1 would look like. Basically, it'd be amazing.

_WarShrike_ posted this YouTube Multiplier on Reddit's r/Cars, assembling three 'Ring vids, each representing the best laps of the three Chevrolets. You can go right here to see them all synchronized side by side.


Here are the three videos on their own, for those of you who don't want to melt your eyeballs.

And or those of you counting, here are those 'Ring times.

Z/28 — 7:37 (faster than a Porsche 911)


ZL1 — 7:41

ZR1 — 7:19