There Are Better Used Car Values Than The Ferrari 250 GTO

How do you decide to spend $52 million a car? For that kind of money, even if it's rare Italian magnificence, it should come with a butler and a lifetime supply of truffle cheese or something.

This Ferrari GTO sold for $52 million, and Travis noted the buyer could've bought 1,700 Miatas instead. I agree, a much more pragmatic car to live with on a daily basis that definitely has lower cost of ownership and doesn't need its own bodyguard. And if you crash one of your Miatas, you probably won't end up on the internet.


It's not just Miatas, though. You could have many, many stellar cars for the price of just one Ferrari GTO. Lots of people gave great suggestions as to what this guy could've bought instead, although some ideas were pretty out there.

laxfan91 was smart:

~779 CTS-V wagons

stirling.spera went in a bold direction

126 1999 Williams F1 cars

And N2Skylark was just being plain silly:

You could buy over 40% of all the Saturn Astras ever sold in America.

Are you stocking up on Astras for winter or something? Come on, live a little.

Photo: General Motors, Flickr/Neil Thompson

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