This Timelapse Shows How To Resupply An Aircraft Carrier At Sea

This is the USS Kearsarge. Do you think it has time to stop for a resupply? Hell no, it gets what it needs on the move, and here's how it happens.

Basically, another ship pulls up alongside, tethers itself to the Kearsarge (technically not an aircraft carrier, but just an aircraft-carrying amphibious assault ship) by using a friggin' rifle, and airlifts what's needed to the aircraft via helicopter. Liquids like water and gas go through the tether tubes. It sounds simple, and dammit, it looks awesome.


If you're wondering what this would look like in the eyes of a human being at normal speed, here's another resupply at sea, also to the Kearsarge.

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Any idea how do they get the tether cables across?