Watch What Happens When This Camaro's Roof Flies Off Mid-Race

This guy decided to stick a GoPro camera on the roof of his Chevy Camaro while he was in a drag race. Sounds sensible, right? He should've made sure his T-Top was securely fastened to his car.

YouTube user MCPhoto FL has the story from Palm Beach International Raceway:

I attached my GoPro to my friends T-Top on the inside of his 4th Gen Camaro for a race. About 1/8th mile down the strip (approx. 100mph) the T-Top came flying off unexpectedly with the GoPro attached! I'd say the T-Top went at least 30ft up in the air before coming down and shattering.


Everything looks fine until about 1:18 into the video when the inevitable happens and things go splat.

And the time? 1/4 mile in 11.3 seconds, he says. Obviously due to weight loss.

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