Minitruckin' isn't en voguelike it was back when Tigra and Bunny professed their love for cars that go boom, but maybe Daihatsu should rekindle that flame with this cabover mini-hauler concept, the FC凸DECK.

I mean, once concept car won't bring a whole budget customization craze back. That's very clear. The question we should ask ourselves is, maybe it should?

This impossibly-named FC凸DECK is, if anything, properly mini. It is:

  • just an inch over 11 feet long (3,395 mm)
  • two inches short of 5 feet wide (1,475 mm)
  • six-and-a-half feet tall (1,985 mm)

Power is unknown as the car sports a hybrid drive system, which may or may not be powered by the hopes and dreams of desperate Daihatsu engineers. No matter, I still deeply want one. I'd stick a hot tub in the back, what about you?