The Daihatsu FC凸DECK Cabover Concept Won't Bring Minitruckin' Back

Minitruckin' isn't en voguelike it was back when Tigra and Bunny professed their love for cars that go boom, but maybe Daihatsu should rekindle that flame with this cabover mini-hauler concept, the FC凸DECK.


I mean, once concept car won't bring a whole budget customization craze back. That's very clear. The question we should ask ourselves is, maybe it should?

This impossibly-named FC凸DECK is, if anything, properly mini. It is:

  • just an inch over 11 feet long (3,395 mm)
  • two inches short of 5 feet wide (1,475 mm)
  • six-and-a-half feet tall (1,985 mm)

Power is unknown as the car sports a hybrid drive system, which may or may not be powered by the hopes and dreams of desperate Daihatsu engineers. No matter, I still deeply want one. I'd stick a hot tub in the back, what about you?

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